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We Take Care of Your Trucking Paperwork

For trucking registration forms and permits, contact Custom Permits, Inc. in Grain Valley, MO. We help prepare your paperwork, submit them to the correct authority, and keep track of them. Our company also provides other related services, such as fuel purchase assessments, and has GPS systems available for your convenience.

About Our Services

One-Time Set-Up and Occasional Service

This service is available to carriers who feel they need assistance only in getting started or do not want a regular commitment from our office. After the initial set-up, you are billed on a per-item basis as needed. This might be plate work, temporary and additional permits, property taxes, or authority work.

Additional Services

Stay on Top of Your Paperwork

Keeping up-to-date on the various and ever-changing landscape of trucking industry regulations can be a nightmare. Be sure to stay on top of all your paperwork by outsourcing the job to Custom Permits, Inc. Our team is committed to making your documentation process go faster and smoother. Call us today for more details.